Oct 25, 2011

Key Nutrients for Brain Development

Lisa shared some of this at a recent Weston A. Price chapter meeting; I stumbled upon it again and thought it was worth posting for the masses.

The following list is from Nourishing Our Children specifically the section on being malnourished.  I think it is safe to say that Americans are well-fed yet malnourished.

Key nutrients for brain development:

Vitamin A - Cod liver oil; liver, butter and egg yolks from grass-fed animals
Vitamin D - Cod liver oil, shellfish; lard, butter and egg yolks from grass-fed animals
Choline - Cod liver oil; egg yolks from grass-fed animals
DHA - Cod liver oil; liver, butter, and egg yolks from grass-fed animals
Zinc - Red meat of grass-fed animals, shellfish
Tryptophan - Meat of grass-fed animals
Cholesterol - Seafood; dairy foods, eggs and meat of grass-fed animals

You might notice the repetition of cod liver oil, egg yolk from grass fed animals, as well as meat from grass-fed animals.  {I wrote a few months ago how not all eggs are created equal.}  If you're new to a real food diet, a baby step for you could be to obtain a healthy source for eggs and meat and incorporate these things into your diet.

Here in central Arkansas options abound for grass fed meats and eggs.  I order fermented cod liver oil through Green Pasture, from my research it is the highest quality cod liver oil available.

If the above list was interesting to you, Nourishing Our Children is running a special on their educational DVD package.  However, a great amount of the content is available, free.  Be sure to check out some of their free downloads, too.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for any of the above organizations.  My opinions have been stated freely.

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