Oct 19, 2011

Workshop: Thyroid/Adrenal and Low Fat Myth Class

Saturday, November 12th

On Saturday, November 12, 2011, Sharon New, owner and creator of Local Food Beat in Annapolis, Maryland, will be in Little Rock to teach a one-day workshop at Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church.

The first class (from 10am-noon) is a “Thyroid/Adrenal Education Class,” which has now been taught in the mid-Atlantic area to over 200 people and is one of her most popular classes and has received excellent reviews and feedback from attendees.

If you have been told by a doctor that your blood tests indicate that your thyroid is “normal”, or you’ve been put on an anti-depressant, or the less you eat the more you gain weight, then this class is for you.

“Thank you for such a comprehensive presentation with well researched information on thyroid and adrenals. The many resources that you have pulled together are very helpful as I take next steps in my recovery. I appreciate your holistic approach from nutrient dense, real food to understanding our bodies.”

The second class (from 1:30-2:30pm) is “Politically Incorrect Nutrition: Debunking the Low-Fat Myth.” Sharon lost almost 25 lbs last year eating a diet high in saturated fats. She cannot state it enough: Fat doesn’t make you fat….sugar makes you fat!!

Come to this class and learn why you need fat and cholesterol and what cholesterol has to do with Vitamin D, nerve and brain development, your hormones and the importance of eating a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet.

She will also talk about foods that can decrease inflammation and identify those foods which cause inflammation.

"I attended your Politically Incorrect food seminar and was fascinated by much of the material. The slides showing the progression of obesity rates from the CDC site was memorable, followed by your explanation of the impact corn and soy products have on the food system. As you recommended, I went home and watched Food, Inc. which is a very disturbing film. That convinced me to take your advice and try ingesting grass-fed animal products. I started this on Saturday and have already noticed a difference in:

(a) the amount of food I eat which is so much less than before; 
(b) my mood is terrific;
(c) my energy levels are fantastic; and 
(d) I am sleeping soundly without waking up at night. 

What a difference! I was a little suspicious about your claim that you lost 20+ lbs just eating properly....now, I understand how you did it. It really is true that you can easily control appetite when eating the right, but politically incorrect, foods."

For lunch (noon-1:30) we will all eat at The Root Café which is right next door to the church.  Please feel free to join us for lunch even if you are just attending one class.

There are three different prices. For the full-day workshop, it is a specially discounted rate of $50; for the Thyroid class only it is $35 and for the Low-Fat Myth class it is $25.

Please go to her website to read more about the Real Food for Real Health Workshop and to register.

Sharon New, MS, is a Food and Health Educator who teaches sustainable food cooking classes and health classes in Annapolis/ Baltimore/DC area. Sustainable foods are those that are local and raised responsibly and are healthy for the consumer. “I don’t think of food as either good or bad. Rather I ask, 'Is the food on my plate Real or Fake and where does it come from?'”

Over four years ago, Sharon read Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma and thus began her journey into the world of locally grown, sustainable foods. Sharon has researched the benefits of grass-fed food and the benefits of eating “real” food…food that heals the land and you rather than ”fake” foods that steal nutrients from you and the earth.

After working as a paralegal and legal secretary for over 12 years, Sharon made a decision to re-career and in 2002 enrolled in graduate school. Sharon holds a Masters of Science in Health Science, is Certified Health Education Specialist. Her article entitled Good Food is Relationship Based was published in the Summer/Fall 2009 City of Annapolis Magazine.

Three years ago this past April, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After treatment she began to investigate the relation of her thyroid to her adrenals and overall health. Her thyroid/adrenal education class will teach you how to become an advocate for your own health.

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