Oct 14, 2011

Batch Cooking

HB and I have been planning another batch cooking day.
Yesterday's trip to the grocery store found me with the following (labeled by 80/20)

The good 80%
2 bunches organic celery
5 lbs onions
3.5 lbs mushrooms
2 lbs tomatoes
2 quarts cream - ultra-pasteurized but will be cooked at temperatures of at least 350* anyway.
cheese - which could be better quality and not pre-sliced or shredded but it is still REAL cheese and NOT Velveeta.  :)

Already at my house
6 lbs stew meat, grass fed
6 lbs round steak, grass fed
8 lbs pasture raised chicken, cooked in a crock pot, used the bones for broth
5 lbs organic carrots
5+ lbs organic bell peppers (Thanks, Mom!)
shiitake mushrooms from Argenta's farmers market (8oz?)
5+ lbs organic butter I found on sale last week.

The compromise 20%
hoagie rolls
corn tortillas
2 boxes of chai - it was buy one get one free and is made with cane sugar.  Definitely a treat at my house.

Stay tuned for recipes and more cooking fun!

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