Oct 13, 2012

HB's New Dream Kitchen

Because there are several writers for this blog some people have been confused about who moved and who is pregnant.

I (Julie) am pregnant and it has taken a toll on me - thus the lack of posts.  This summer my best gal pal, who calls herself HB, wrote a post about real food during a move.   HB and her family moved three doors down from me!  How super fun is that?!

This post is dedicated to HB's glorious kitchen.  She waited a long time to upgrade.  Her patience paid off!  This new kitchen is a dream, as you will see below.
Our neighborhood was built in the late '60s and many people are the original owners, as was the case when HB bought their house.  The previous owners had done some updating but HB, with all her mad design skillz, totally renovated the downstairs to this phat crib.

Below is a picture of the kitchen when they were considering the house.
Once owners, they opened up the space by knocking down the blue wall between the kitchen and formal dining room, as well as removed the pantry (gold doorknob on right).

Wow - look at the difference that removing a wall can make!  They also added canister lights.
The wall between the kitchen/dining room and formal living room also came tumbling down.
The cabinets were built on site.  The below picture is taken from the current dining room, looking into the kitchen.
And here you can see the kitchen into the dining room.  The walls are actually gray, like the island, but look sort of green here.
Ta-da!  The amazing dream kitchen!  Granite counters, industrial stove, and wood floors adorn this work of art.
This stove was a steal from Craig's List - 6 burners and double ovens.  Just for an extrovert, behind the stove is a giant mirror so that she can talk to her guests whilst making dinner for them.
 She even has a built-in desk.  Look at the wall of cookbooks above it.
 The island will be perfect for our huge batch cooking days.
 From the below picture, you can see the edge of their dining table as well as the island.
 The crowning glory to her kitchen is this floor to ceiling pantry.
 It probably deserves a post all to itself.  Sweet mercy look at all that storage.
On Monday we plan to dirty up this beautiful kitchen and break it in right with a batch freezer cooking day.  It won't be as crazy as the last time we cooked together (which about killed me.)  

Until then, I'm trying to rest up.

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  1. Oh man. That kitchen is SUH WEET! That stove/oven is killing me! Love love love what HB has dreamed up! Have to see it fer myself sometime soon!



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