Apr 1, 2012

Batch Cooking Day Menu

Foods we plan to prepare:

JM = Julie
HB = Holly

- 10 loaves of soaked whole wheat sandwich bread (HB is bread maker)
- marinade for steak/pork chops/chicken x4
falafel x2
- beef tips and rice x4
- 50 burritos (JM seasons and stews ckn for burritos, HB roasts beef for burritos)
chicken spinach stew x3
chicken pot pie x2
- chicken/spinach/mushroom calzone (HB makes dough ahead of time so it will be super tast-a-licious) x2 (makes four big calzones)
- Marlboro Man Sandwiches x1
- red beans and rice x2
- chicken pesto quesadillas (40 dillas)
- pizza sauce
- cheesy mexican chicken (HB makes ahead) x3
- chicken curry (JM makes ahead) x4 as per recipe

If you someone who is nosy likes details, here's the rest written by HB (who is the mastermind Cruise Director behind our cooking days):
Tentative Cooking Schedule
{children are off-site with a sitter - can I hear an Amen?!}

9:00-9:30 HB starts first batch of sandwich bread (use little oven), JM starts red beans and rice and pizza sauce
9:30-10:30 HB beef tips and rice (use big oven), JM chicken pot pie
10:30-11:30 HB assembles burritos, JM packages marlboro man sandwiches
11:30-12:00 lunch...burritos of course! :)
12:00-1:00 HB bread/start second batch (use little oven), JM makes marinades, both work on packaging/clean up, etc.
1:00-2:00 HB chicken pesto dillas, JM ckn spin. stew
2:00-3:00 JM falafel, HB calzones (will help with falafel if I'm done early)
3:00-4:00 HB and JM, clean up, package

Things to chop
(specific quantities are written on a sheet of paper, will label when I chop)
33 cups onions
8 cups celery (already chopped)
14 cups carrots (already chopped)
11 cups bell peppers
9 cups tomatoes
3 jalapenos
56 cloves garlic (8 heads of garlic)

Chicken Portions
4 c. calzones
10 c. dillas
2 whole chickens for curry
7 1/2 c. chicken for mex. ckn.
8 c. for pot pie
7 c. ckn for burritos, stewed
9 c. ckn for ckn. stew
total: 45 cups plus 2 whole chickens so that means 8 chickens overall needed
{we've decided that JM will make curry another day this week}

Grocery List
soy sauce (1 c.)
8 lemons
13 onions
8 c. parsley leaves
17 cups (136 ounces) cream
19 cups (152 ounces) mushrooms, please buy sliced
11 bell peppers
32 cups fresh spinach (JM has greens in her garden)
3 jalapenos
9 cups tomatoes
26 burrito size tortillas
80 fajita or soft taco size torts (pick one or the other, don't buy half and half pls)
4 28 oz. diced tomatoes
2 1/2 cups ready made pesto (Whole Foods has a delish pesto in a jar)
8 c. coconut milk
3 cups brown rice
1/2 c. white wine
tomato paste for pizza sauce
12 deli rolls, no HFCS
9 cups shredded cheddar
16 cups shredded monterey jack

Julie's Jobs
Cook 4 whole chickens and plenty of broth (Sat. night/Sunday)
Make curry (Sat. night soak garbanzos, make Sunday?)
get groceries (Sat. afternoon)
chop the 13 onions from groceries (Monday)
chop all but 3 bell peppers (Monday)
stew 7 cups chicken for burritos (Monday)

Holly's Jobs
Cook 4 whole chickens and plenty of broth (Sat. night/Sunday)
make mexican chicken (Sunday)
chop 20 c. onions (Saturday)
soak 4 c. chick peas (Monday)
slow roast beef for barbacoa burritos (Monday)
soak and boil 32 oz. beans for beans and rice (Saturday)
soak 2 batches bread (Monday)

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  1. how much does this end up costing per meal?

    1. Karen, this is a great question. You can look in the batch cooking archives for the post where we recorded costs of each meal. It greatly depends on how much, what kind of meat - and its quality. The falafel is super cheap (because it's beans), the beef tips recipe is more costly because it is mainly beef. This time, neither HB nor I had beef so we had to buy it at $6/lb (but is much cheaper when you buy 1/4 cow directly from a farmer, or if you want to buy it on sale from Kroger.)

      It has been our experience that we save money overall when we batch cook. We are not tempted to eat out as much - which is expensive. And, if something is thawing I am more likely to "make due" with what we have and not run to the grocery store for that one thing (and end up buying 5 that I didn't really need.)

    2. I found the cost comparison post:

      yesterday we made considerably MORE food than in August. I think HB keeps "upping" the bar on me.



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