Jul 25, 2011

How to Make Vanilla

Only 152 days until Christmas.  Does that make your palms sweaty or excited?

Here's an easy-peasy and inexpensive Christmas gift that any foodie will love.  I promise.

Know what I'm talking about?

Here's how:

First procure some vanilla beans.  I bought one ounce from Azure Standard for $6.60.  You can buy them also from Amazon.com 
 With a sharp knife, split the bean in half lengthwise.
Using the blunt edge of the knife, scrape the yumminess off the inside of the vanilla bean.  I think this is called paste.
I scraped the paste off the knife onto the lip of my wide mouth mason jar and plopped the bean carcasses into the bottom for good measure.  Waste not, want not.
Pour in vodka (the cheapest stuff is great!), store in a cabinet at least six weeks or 152 days.
The jar on the left was just mixed for the picture.  The jar on the right has been soaking for about six months.  I use vanilla from the quart jar for my personal use.  The cute gift jars at the top of the post came from Mountain Rose Herbs and I gave as Christmas gifts last year.

This post is a part of Monday Mania with The Healthy Home Economist.

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  1. Hi Julie!
    I've always wanted to try doing this. How many beans should be in each jar, and with how many ounces of vodka?

  2. Deborah, I think there were about 7 beans (one ounce of beans) and about 32 oz (one quart) of vodka. In the smaller jars - there was about 4 oz vodka and 1.5 beans per jar.

  3. Totally doing this for the neighbors!

  4. Cassie - this is a great idea for neighbors! I gave it to friends and teachers but hadn't thought about the neighbors. Thanks for the idea!



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