Nov 2, 2014

New Real Food Restaurant Opens in NLR

On Main Street in Argenta is a new real food restaurant for the health conscious.   Good Food by Ferneau (next door to Mugs Cafe) is housed in the space formerly occupied by the Argenta Market --not be confused with what is across the street on Saturdays: the Argenta Farmers Market.  Good Food by Ferneau has remodeled and it looks quite trendy.  

Whew, now that you know where to go, let me tell you what good food you'll find.
Fresh, mostly local and organic offerings are on the menu.  The food is perfect for the person who works downtown and wants a healthy, quick lunch but they are also open late on Friday and Saturday.  Inside the deli case are several pre-packaged, to go options.  Prepackaged but not processed.  Those with gluten sensitivities have plenty of options too.
At the far right of the counter (above) Butcher & Public provides an in-house butcher shop with a passion for local farms and humanely raised meats.  The meat comes from names you'll recognize: Falling Sky Farms, Freckle Face Farm, Farm Girl, among others.  Take home some brats, sausages, cheese, or pate.

The weekday my husband and I stopped for lunch, I ordered a meatball sandwich that had fresh mint sprinkled on top, garnished with house made pickles.  My husband wasn't terribly hungry and had a bowl of butternut squash soup.  Most of the other diners were taking their food to-go.
Please support this local good food restaurant.  Try something new this week.  :)

HOURS -- Good Food by Ferneau 
Mon - Thu10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Fri10:00 am - 1:00 am
Sat6:00 pm - 12:00 am

521 Main Street, North Little Rock  (501) 725-4219


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