Nov 13, 2014

Natural Remedy for Teething Babies and Fussy Toddlers

I am not a doctor or a trained medical worker.  However, I AM a mother who spends more time with my children than anyone else.  

Usually my 22-month-old has a sunny, easy-going disposition and sometimes a bit of a comedian.  Last week he was cranky beyond reason.  The usual diversionary tactics were not working (water play, being held, changing scenery, reading books, singing, etc.)  On the second day of irrational irritability, I decided to test a homeopathic remedy, chamomilla.  I bought it at Drug Emporium, in the back of the store where the other remedies are sold (other remedies we have used are rhus toxicodedenron for poison ivy, and arnica for bumps and bruises.)  It cost about $6.50 for the tube of tiny white pellets. 

I gave my toddler 3 tiny pellets after naptime.  Within 30 minutes he was a different child.  Another dose was administered 3 hours later, just before bed.  The next morning when he started into the crying-for-no-good-reason, I gave him another dose.  He seemed to perk up.  

Was it a coincidence? I don't know.  

However, I do know that I wanted to pull out every follicle of my hair the day before from the incessant whining and crying.  The homeopathic remedy seemed to help.  It's inexpensive and non-toxic.  The way I see it, I really don't have anything to loose and everything to gain.

Anyone else tried chamomilla?  Here's a chart of other symptoms it has been known to relieve. Earaches, toothaches and insomnia are on the list.  Also interesting to note that this chart concurs that chamomilla is helpful for the child that is "only quieted when carried and petted constantly."  While there are times when a child needs to be held for comfort, I'm also a busy mother who ain't got time for that!

What other homeopathic remedies are in your first aid kit?


PS - all this talk of chamomile makes me want to go read Peter Rabbit! 
"Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, and made some chamomile tea: "One table-spoonful to be taken at bedtime.” 
― Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Peter Rabbit

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