Jan 15, 2015

Arkansas Abundance Spring CSA

I love knowing where my food comes from - and that it is nutrient dense. When you buy locally, the food is fresher (hasn't been on a truck or boat for days from California or Mexico...or China.)  And, when you buy from growers who are concerned about investing in their land with biodynamic amendments, you are sure to get nutrient dense nourishment.  The longer my nose is in the food scene, the more convinced I am of the need to vote with my fork and buy local.

It is my desire to make you aware of local, real food options.  Central Arkansas has an abundance of choices.  We are blessed!

Earlier in the week, we heard from Rattle's Garden and about their FarmShare.   In December, I mentioned North Pulaski Farms' CSA for summer 2015.  Today Arkansas Abundance is in the highlight.

Each farm has a different personality.  And options: pick up locations, variety of produce, length of season, etc.  Read through each and try to get to know your farmers.  Or, be brave and just jump right in!

There is a learning curve for using the veggies you get weekly in a CSA.  It's not bad, just different from grocery store buying.  Actually, I have enjoyed the challenge of using up what I get each week.  One of the things I appreciate about the Arkansas Abundance CSA is that you can start small.  Baby steps.

PS - I'm happy to highlight other farms, just send me the info.

Arkansas Abundance - Daniel Kiser
A local, chemical-free farm
Spring CSA 2015

How much you want,
what you want,
when you want it.

A CSA (short for Community Supported Agriculture) is a program in which a customer buys a share of a farm at the beginning of the season.  In this kind of program, the farmer benefits by sharing the risks of the growing season with his customers, while the customers benefit by receiving a convenient delivery of  produce each week.  At Arkansas Abundance, we're seeking to create a CSA that gives our shareholders both convenience and choice.  We're also committed to giving our shareholders the very best of our crop, giving them their choice of the produce before farmer's markets.

How it Will Work
Unlike many CSA programs, in which the contents of each weekly share are determined by the farmer, our program allows shareholders to choose what they want and how much they get each week.  A few days before harvest, we will share a Google Doc that lists the produce we have available.  Our shareholders will then mark on the Google Doc the produce that they would like for that week.  After it is harvested, they can pick up their produce at one of four locations on three different days, listed below.

Pick Up Locations
Hillcrest Farmer's Market
Saturday 8am-Noon
2200 Kavanaugh Blvd

Westover Hills Farmer's Market*
Tuesday 4pm-7pm
6400 Kavanaugh Blvd

Julie Majors' House
Tuesday 4pm-6pm
1600 Tarrytown Rd

West Markham Farmer's Market*
Thursday 4pm-7pm
9820 W Markham St.

*Pickup will be at the farm until these markets open in May.

The CSA will run from Apr. 19-Jun. 13. Expected produce includes organically grown lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, swiss chard, cilantro, carrots, turnips, radishes, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, and strawberries!

Share Options

Small (1-2 people) 
$100 of produce over 8 weeks. $0-$20 value and up to 1 of each item each week.
Medium (3-4 people)
$200 of produce over 8 weeks. $0-$40 value and up to 2 of each item each week.
Large (5 or more)
$300 of produce over 8 weeks. $0-$60 value and up to 3 of each item each week.

Each week, shareholders will be able to choose the produce they want up to a certain value that depends on share size.  They can choose to get more produce on some weeks and less (or none) on others.  The amount of each kind of produce they receive will also be dependent on share size.  For example, a small shareholder will be limited to one bunch of carrots per week, while a large shareholder can choose up to three bunches of carrots per week.  These limitations help ensure that the farm is able to provide everyone with the kinds of vegetables they want.

However, there may be occasions when there won't be enough of a particular item for everyone.  This is most likely to happen near the beginning and end of the season, when crops are still growing or when they're winding down.  It may also happen in the middle of the season if there is a partial crop failure.  In these circumstances (and we will do everything we can to prevent them!), those who paid for their share earlier will receive first pick.

How to Sign Up

Email us with the information listed below.

-Phone number
-Location where you plan to pick up your produce
-Share size

Note: The pick up day you select will be your normal pick up day.  On any given week, you can pick up on a different day by contacting Daniel Kiser at least 48 hours before pick up for Hillcrest and 24 hours before pick up for Westover and West Markham.

Daniel Kiser
10305 Johnson Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206

Visit us on our blogFacebook, Instagram or at the farm! (call/text in advance)

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