Jan 6, 2015

Fermentables: Now Carrying Cultures! (& Classes!)

Central Arkansas has a gem of a locally-owned store called Fermentables.  

Primarily the store targets home brewers of beer and wine but also you'll find organic growing supplies.  I usually send people there to purchase swing top bottles for kombucha.   Most recently they have begun carrying culturing supplies!  {happy dance:: I'm thrilled!! Probiotics for the people!!}

Below my baby is modeling one of the vegetable culture starters. Behind him in the refrigerated case you'll find other Cultures for Health starters (San Francisco sourdough, milk kefir grains and water kefir grains among others.)
My daughter is holding a kraut pounder.  These things are awesome for packing sauerkraut into your container (wide or small mouth jars, especially).   Bless her heart, she wasn't feeling well during our field trip. 
 Fermentables carries all kinds of fermentation vessels and supplies for culturing vegetables.
Best of all, they are remodeling to make room for classroom space!

Upcoming Classes

The store's owner, Mike, is a great guy.  He is offering a steal of a deal on these classes.  His heart is for people to learn.  Each class is only $10 and you will go home with gifts!  There is a limited number of space in each class so contact the store soon if you are interested (details below).

On Saturday, January 31 at 10am, I will teach how to culture vegetables (or lacto-ferment).  Each student will go home with a Caldwell Vegetable Starter and a plastic fermentation lid with airlock that will fit Bell and Kerr mason jars. You can begin fermenting as soon as you go home!

On Saturday, February 21 at 10am, I will teach a kombucha class.  The kombucha class will include 1 flip-top bottle and a 1/2 gallon wide mouth mason jar.

Call or email Fermentables and reserve your spot.
(501) 758-6261 or mike@fermentables.com
3915 Crutcher Street
NLR, AR 72118
The class fee is $10/class.

These classes promise to be a fun time of learning and connecting.  I hope you will join us.

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