Aug 15, 2010

The River Market

The River Market is a farmers market on the Little Rock side of the river. In an earlier post I wrote about specific differences between The River Market and the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market, in North Little Rock.

The River Market has a wide selection of crafts:

There are Asian farmers; I had to ask about Ko Kong, pictured below.  The man told me to saute it.  He (and other Chinese) eat it raw.

This watermelon was from Hope, Arkansas and weighed 108 pounds!  I put my hand on it for scale.

Flowers!  Gorgeous flowers!

Buyer beware: not all produce is from Arkansas.

But I'm sure these wood crafts are.

Just talk with the gentleman who makes these cutting boards.  I'm thinking these would make fabulous Christmas gifts.

You'll also find pastured meat from several farmers.  Note: even though Blueberry Hill Berry Farm offers cheese and meat, they also buy from other farms.  Hint - it is sometimes cheaper to cut out the middle man.

Cove Creek Acres is my personal favorite farm at The River Market.  On Friday, a group of about 20 adults and children visited the Hostetler's farm.  Stay tuned for more pictures of Cove Creek Acres.


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  1. I love the pictures specially the sunflowers, the colors so nice. Cove Creek Acres is one of my favorite farm now lol Flowers! Gorgeous flowers!Liked it



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