Aug 24, 2010

Meet Your Farmers

This is me with one of my farmers, Barbara Armstrong, the "Beefalo Woman." A beefalo is a cross between regular beef cattle and buffalo. They are mean lean grazing machines, which results in flavorful lean grass-fed beef.

We're standing in front of Daisy, Barbara's bright yellow truck. Barabara and Daisy were delivering a 1/4 of beefalo to me.

In addition to producing awesome meat, Barbara also helps oversee the Certified Arkansas Farmers Markets and organize the Basket of the Month (BAM) program. She's a busy lady.

If you'd like to try some of Barbara's beefalo, you can contact her at beefalowoman AT aristotle DOT net.

This is a candid shot of Jody Hardin. Jody is not only a farmer, he's also a visionary. He envisioned a farmer's market in which those selling food had to actually BE Arkansas farmers (imagine that). Then he worked until his vision came true. I love the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market.

Jody is involved in so many other local food projects and plans that I couldn't begin to tell you about it all. He and Barbara are some of the movers and shakers in the Arkansas local food movement.

If you'd like to meet them, they will be some of our guest farmers at the WAPF Little Rock Chapter dinner on Sept. 9th. We still have a few tickets available.

Here's one more picture from the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market. This is Rita O'Kelley at our "Real Food" booth. Didn't she design a beautiful table for us? Rita and I joined the farmers setting up at 6:30am this Saturday which is pretty dang early on a Saturday morning. We passed out information about the Weston A. Price Foundation and this blog and enjoyed meeting all the people who stopped at our booth to talk.

It was also lots of fun hanging out with our farmers.


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