Aug 24, 2010

Try It Tuesday: Jicama

Jicama (pronounced HE-cah-muh) is a root vegetable.  It tastes somewhat like a very mild onion, with apple undertones and maybe even a hint of green beans.  The outer skin is papery and is peeled with a knife or vegetable peeler .  Underneath the skin, the texture is reminiscent of a potato or a crunchy pear.  Sometimes I'll describe it similar the texture of water chestnuts (but not from China!)

It's a prebiotic, which basically means that it feeds all the probiotics that you eat.  Garlic and onions are also prebiotics.

There are endless possibilities of culinary uses for the jicama.

Way's I've used it:
-shredded in chicken salad
-match sticks in a green salad (with a salad dressing made of lime, honey and olive oil).  This is a perfect salad to serve with Mexican food (tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc.)

When I tell people about jicama, the most often asked question is "Where do you buy it?"
Jicama can be found in most grocery stores, near the other root vegetables.  The above picture came from Kroger on Rodney Parham.  And usually I need to spell it for the cashier when checking out.  :)


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