Aug 10, 2010

Try It Tuesday:: Coconut Water

Q: What's hotter than Arkansas in August?

A:  Arkansas in September.

My son is wanting to play football this fall.  The coach sent an email reminding parents to hydrate children.  I applaud him for that; however, I found fault with his hydration recommendations (beyond water).  His well-meaning sports drink suggestions were laden with artificial colors and loaded with empty sugars.

Let me tempt you with nature's sports drink: coconut water.  It tastes delicious.  In fact, I sipped on it while in labor to give me the much needed electrolytes needed for, well, the hard work of LABOR.

Coconut water is packed with potassium that prevents cramping, as well as other electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium.  Much like the highly prized coconut oil, coconut water contains high levels of lauric acid which has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which will keep your immune system healthy.

Since it has a long shelf life, I keep some in the pantry at all times - instead of Gatorade, Vitamin Water, or Pedialyte - for those times when hydration is needed.  Because when I have a sick family member I don't want to rush to the store.

Coconut water can be found at Whole Foods, the "health food" section of Kroger, and Drug Emporium.  As everything you buy in a package, be sure to read the ingredient label.  You want to buy 100% coconut water, not one that has added sugar.  Trust me, it does not need more sugar.  There are, however, some coconut waters that are flavored with other fruits.

Try it, you just might like it.

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  1. Great post, Julie! These sports drinks that we have somehow been convinced are need for exercise are absolute junk.

    Not only that, I recently read information on Dr. Mercola's site about how consuming sugar within the two hour post-exercise window, will negatively affect both your insulin sensitivity and your human growth hormone (HGH) production. (HGH is what causes fat to be burned for 2 hours after exercising.)

    Electrolytes are simply minerals. Getting fluid and minerals from coconut water or plain electrolyte water (also sold at Whole Foods)is a much better option. I've also seen homemade recipes for electrolyte water made with filtered water and a little mineral rich sea salt like Real Salt or Celtic salt. (But I'm sure this would not be as palatable as coconut water.)

  2. Also good in smoothies! You can buy young coconuts at Whole Foods and use the liquid directly from them as well. Hard to cut into, but good and good for you!


  3. I write about health benefits of coconut water on my blog:



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