Jan 13, 2011


I scored a dehydrator at Goodwill with an adjustable thermostat!!


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  1. Way to go Julie, I bet you use this a lot. Let us know what you make with it.

  2. Rinse your kefir grains with filtered water and dehydrate them for a rainy day or to share with friends. I do it all the time on the lowest setting on the mats provided or on parchment paper cut to fit the trays...overnight is about right. I have a jar that I keep them in and they rehydrate great...a little sluggish at first, but then take right off. The milk kefir grains usually dry to a beautiful deep
    golden-yellow...the water kefir grains are a light tan.

  3. Hi Julie, Johanna Gelatt here from the ministry. I don't seem to have your email so this seemed to be the easiest way to contact you. :) We have a fridge that was given to us by the Bluniers that we no longer need. Did you need an extra one still? Let me know, we would love to get it out of our garage. Johanna



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