Jan 21, 2011

Spring Special - Pastured Meat from Cove Creek Acres

Herman Hostetler at Cove Creek Acres would like to extend his "Spring Special" to the Real Food in Little Rock readers.

Cove Creek Acres moves its poultry to fresh grass twice daily and is supplemented with organically grown grain.  The grain is not "USDA certified organic" but the farmer from whom Cove Creek Acres purchases the grain assures Herman that it is non-GMO and is grown with organic practices, meaning no pesticides or herbicides.  Cove Creek Acres provides top quality meat, grown without antibiotics or hormones.  They butcher the poultry on the farm.

How does this spring special work?

You want quality meat for your family and Cove Creek Acres wants to supply that for you.  However, in the farming business it is helpful to have "seed money" to get things going in the spring.  This spring special is a way to help both consumer and farmer.

If you pre-order now, you can receive a discount on pastured meat through the fall.

Think about your meat needs for the next year.  Do you eat one chicken a week?  Three chickens a month? Like to try a pastured turkey for Thanksgiving? Want to eat nitrate-free pork?

Let Herman know by Tuesday, February 1 how much meat you would like to pre-order.

The first installment of chicken will be delivered to the River Market around May 1, pork at the end of May, and turkeys nearer to Thanksgiving.  You can receive all or some of your meat at that time.  If you do not have ample freezer space, Cove Creek Acres can deliver your meat a few pounds at a time.  However, you must act now to take advantage of this offer.

Cove Creek Acres will be supplying fresh meat through the end of November. Pre-order at discount prices by February 1 to receive meat all summer and fall.  It is recommended that you pay 75% now and the remainder when you pick up your meat from the River Market.

Chicken - average 4 pounds
Regular price: $3.50/lb
pre-order ten or fewer chickens: $3.25/lb
pre-order more than ten chickens: $3.00/lb

Turkey - average 15-20 pounds
regular price: $3.75/lb
pre-order price: $3.50/lb

half hog - average 100-125 pounds, which will fit approximately in two of these coolers.
regular price: $3.50/lb (live weight)
pre-order price: $3.00/lb

I want to pre-order 11 chickens:
11 chickens x (4lbs/each) x $3/lb = $132
75% x $132 = $99 deposit

Albeit pricier, this is one of the easier baby steps to take.  Pastured, local meats are so much healthier than the feed lot counter parts.

If you are unable to pay 75% by February 1 and would still like to get in on this great deal, Cove Creek Acres is willing to work out a payment plan with you.  Call Herman, or his wife, Mabel for details.

To place your order or ask questions it is best to call their home: (479) 754-0868.  Herman has access to email but it is on his cell phone: hermanhostetler AT gmail.com

Feel free to tell your friends who would like a good deal on pastured meats.


Read here how I met Herman.

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