Jan 28, 2011

Remedy: Sweet and Sour

My son woke early this morning with an icky cough, the kind that sounds like it's causing vocal cord damage.

The home-grown remedy?  A sweet and sour.  Our family made up the name mostly because we were drinking so much and needed a quick reference name other than "that drink that feels good on my sore throat."

It is one part honey and raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) with two parts warm water.  Adults prefer hot water.  :)  Or, for those wanting more exact measurements...roughly 3T honey, 3T ACV and 6-8oz water.  Taste and adjust.  Children prefer it sweeter, I like mine on the sour side.  We like it so much we even drink it when our throats are feeling fine.

Honey is soothing on your throat.  Raw ACV has antiseptic (germ-killing) properties.  Read here for other home remedies using ACV.


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