Jun 1, 2011

Batch Cooking: 9pm

Whew!  What a day!  I'm so glad we did it.

HB and I each took home:

Beef Enchiladas - 9x13 pan, 8x11 pan, 2 zip top quart bags of filling
(we ran out of time at the end and decided to put the filling in bags.)

Chicken Enchiladas - three 8x8 pans

Falafel - 96oz each, roughly 24 servings or at least 6 meals worth!

Chicken a la King - four zip top quart bags of 4 cups, each.  This will be served over rice that will be made the day of the meal.

Chicken Pot Pie - two gallon zip top bags for 9x13 pans

Pancakes - one gallon zip top bag.

That's 19 dinners and a whole lotta' breakfasts!

HB says, "I feel like Julia Child!"  She was simultaneously stirring chicken pot pie and chicken a la king.

EIGHT quarts of enchilada sauce and four pounds of beef with onions.

Cute baby girl plays with onion in kitchen floor.  This didn't make us cuss.

Boys set up their own kitchen in the back yard.
During Baby's nap, our sitter acted as sous chef: chopping herbs, washing dishes, etc.

HB fills enchilada shells.
Making a tally of the meals.
Someone asked me today, "How long will these meals last you?  Will you do this again next month?"

I'm not really sure how long they will last.  I don't think we'll do it again next month just because it's summer and we'll probably grill some as well as eat salads or other fresh foods from the garden.

However, HB and I have agreed that it worked well today.  We want to do this again.


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  1. This looks so fun! Would love to do this at my house, if my kitchen reno ever gets done. (Currently w/o cooktop or dishwasher.) Thanks for sharing and inspiring!



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