Jul 14, 2011

Who's Going?

The summer edition of Wise Traditions, the Weston A. Price Foundation's (WAPF) journal, came in the mail this week.  After the kids were in bed my husband saw it and said, with all sincerity, "How did you get anything accomplished today when this came in the mail?"  He knows I heart the Wise Traditions journal.

Last night I was reading more of it -the articles are informative yet quite lengthy- and saw the advertisement for the annual WAPF conference.  My mouth was salivating.  I really want to go.  It's in Dallas, only 6 hours away.  The food, which is included in the cost of the conference, is amazing nourishing traditional food.  They even have childcare available (the children are also provided nourishing, traditional food.)

Check out the list of presentations.  Among other things, I want to hear what Chris Masterjohn has to say about good fats and bad fats.  And how a fever is a child's best friend by Thomas Cowan, MD.

So, what's stopping me from going?  The price.  Boo.

Cheer up!  Tonight I received an email saying a limited number of scholarships are available.  Quickly I hammered out my reasons for needing financial assistance and submitted it tonight and now have my fingers crossed.

Even if I get a partial scholarship, I'm still looking for someone to carpool with - and maybe share a room (with a woman, who isn't a convicted murderer and doesn't snore too loudly.)

Who's going?
Register before August 1 and get a $50 discount.


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  1. where can I go to purchase a subscription to the WAP journal?


  2. Bethany,
    A subscription to the journal is free with your $40/yearly membership to the WAPF. In my mind, it's the best $40 you can spend.

  3. I wanna go!!! Will need to check the calendar and with the hubby...



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