Jul 11, 2011

Snacks for Babies

On my personal blog, I wrote about how we occupied our 14month old daughter on our  9 hour car trip to Kentucky.

As I was feeding her snacks from the back seat, I thought that I should add this snack idea to Real Food in Little Rock.

A new favorite for us is dates.  Pictured below are extruded dates.  You can buy them in the bulk section of the health food store or I've been ordering them from Azure Standard.  I like these dates because you can feed them one at a time (which helps to burn a lot of time) and because the baby can actually digest them (raisins don't digest at this age.)

pictured is a quart jar - it looks a bit out of proportion.  :)
We've got another 18+ hour trip coming up so I'd love to hear your ideas of either real food snacks for babies or how to entertain them on long trips.

Related: a post I wrote three years ago about traveling with small children - lots of links in there.

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  1. Where'd you get the stainless steel sippee cup??? Thanks!
    (P.S. Is there a way to comment and get responses emailed to me?? I don't see such an option, but maybe I'm missing it)

  2. Sarah,
    The stainless steel sippee cup came from TJ Maxx, but I bought a similar one from Babies-R-Us.

    Comments: underneath the "post a comment" box is a link that says "subscribe by email" - click on that and see if it works for you. It worked for me, but I have a google account.



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