Jul 7, 2011

TLC Berry Farm

A reader wrote about a new berry farm in town:

TLC Berry Farm
phone 501-888-1444
Located at 1701 Bracy Road, Little Rock. Easy to find.

Todd Lewis, the owner, is raising his crops as pesticide-free as he knows how. He does spray his peach trees. His blackberries and blueberries are pesticide-free.

Currently blueberries and blackberries are ready for picking. ($2/lb for blueberries not sure of the blackberry prices). He normally has strawberries in the spring but lost his whole crop this year. Also offers some other produce (limited and not sure if it's his) at his store.

Lunch is served for $5. I think it may usually be sandwiches but noticed on Facebook that one day it was a hot lunch (chicken spaghetti). Didn't have time to check out his store, but did notice that he had some specialty items.

He raises goats and pastures them. Not sure how much time on the pasture they get since he has to rotate them to wean the younger ones. Not sure what their supplemental feed is. He offers raw goat's milk and pasteurized milk. Offers eggs for $2/dozen, limited amount.

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