Feb 2, 2012

Launching of a Local GAPS Group

It is exciting to announce that Pam Berndt, a certified GAPS Practitioner, is launching a GAPS support group.  If you have gut issues or want more answers regarding the GAPS diet, please join us.

When:       Saturday, February 25th
Time:        10am to noon
Where:      Terry Library community meeting room (on Napa Valley Road, west Little Rock)
What:        Free event introducing GAPS to the community.  These meetings will occur on a regular basis and provide a support network for those involved.

Structure:  Brief introduction and background
                 GAPS Lesson #1  Introduction to GAPS (powerpoint presentation)
                 New recipe demo (live or video)
                 Question/answer session  (group)
                 Closure of the meeting
                 Private question/answer session

Friends and family welcomed!

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  1. Replies
    1. My friend Lisa writes: "Pam Berndt is no longer holding support group meetings, but she can still be contacted as a GAPS practitioner. Her contact information is listed under practitioners at www.gapsdiet.com"



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