Feb 27, 2012

Radish Relish with Friends

Last fall, I gave Missy and Eddie Stuckey (of Kellogg Valley Farms) a quart of lacto-fermented radish relish.  Today Missy came over and brought friends and we made about 10 gallons (40 quarts) worth of the yummy stuff.
Above Lori is working the food processor.  Below Missy and Anita prepare the carrots and turnips.  Missy supplied us with about 50 pounds of chemical-free radishes, turnips and carrots from Kellogg Valley Farms.  She did a lot of work before coming harvesting, washing and capping the veggies.

Below, left to right: radishes, carrots, turnips.  We bought onions and garlic.  Another friend (who has a cow) gave us 3 quarts of whey.  We only used 2 quarts...that's a half gallon of whey.  This was a giant batch of radish relish.
Because Kellogg Valley Farms does not use chemicals (they are Certified Naturally Grown), I don't freak out about the bit of dirt left on the veggies - especially since we were doing such huge quantities.  Actually even if I were doing a small batch, I still wouldn't scrub the dirt off or peel the carrots.

Fifty pounds of produce is super sized!! It didn't take long for us to realize that our kitchen bowls were insufficient.  I found a food grade 5-gallon bucket in the garage, and later decided to put a plastic liner in a galvanized bucket.  This was a LOT of relish, people.
I didn't hire a babysitter today, my son is at a homeschool co-op and my little girl sat in the sink and played in water while eating carrots.  By the way, she loves radish relish and will eat it fist over fist.

I failed to take a picture of the end results because we were cleaning up like mad - this stuff got a bit crazy messy.  It was a really fun day.


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