Feb 8, 2012

Real Food Bloggers Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

HB here.

'Tis the night before another cooking day with Julie. After our last cooking day, we ran out of food way too fast. So, this time, we've decided to up the ante. We are attempting to cook more than we've ever cooked! Doesn't that sound awesome? Don't you want to come wash our dishes?!

Here's what's on the docket:

Nourishing Traditions Curry (recipe improved and quadrupled by Julie)
My Chicken Alfredo Lasagna (enough for six-8x8 pans, recipe to come)
Hummus (roasted red pepper and the traditional varieties...Julie soaked and cooked four pounds of dry beans that cooked up to almost two gallons of garbanzos...)
Burritos (36 total, some beef, some chicken, some pork, some mostly bean for the man who eats girl food)
Cheesey Mexican Chicken (recipe quadrupled)
Chicken Pot Pie (recipe quadrupled)
I need onion goggles
Pizza Sauce (huge batch in crock pot)
Sweet Tater Casserole (recipe here, doubled, sans raisins)
Chicken and Rice Soup (HUGE batch)
Soaked Muffins (recipe quadrupled, adding zucchini that we froze from the summer)

In order to prepare for cooking day, Julie has been chopping up a storm (I tried to help, but she insisted on covering chopping duties. Isn't she the best?!)  We've cooked and deboned a total of 11 chickens, I've made lists, written instructions and gathered a few things to take to Julie's house for cooking and assembling the dishes.

Poor Julie had a hard time chopping the 23 cups of onions needed for our adventures. She sent me this picture in the middle of the day with the subject line "I'm okay" and she mentioned something about me being a "slave driver". That girl has a flare for drama.

flour FLOUR everywhere!
My last task of the day was to grind the wheat for the muffins and begin the soaking process. Long story short, I didn't install the bowl on my grain mill properly and several cups of freshly ground wheat flour shot out all over my pantry. My pantry is also my laundry room, which means that freshly folded and laundered items were baptized in flour. Props to my wonderful husband for cleaning up the HUGE mess. Did I mention that as soon as I discovered my grain mill spraying my pantry, I put myself in the line of fire to save my precious laundry?!

All in the name of nutritious meals for my fam,


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