Oct 31, 2013

Local Source for Non-GMO Animal Feed

A friend posted this on Facebook.  Since there are mostly email readers to this blog, I thought I would post her plea in this post.  If you are a "chicken keeper" please consider buying your feed from the Little Rock Farmers' Association. - Julie

If you or anyone you know is interested in having a LOCAL source for Non-GMO animal feed from Hiland Naturals Feed, would you please contact the Little Rock Farmers' Association (on Stagecoach) and tell them that you are interested in buying it from them? They have tried it before but did not move it quickly enough. I have a call in to the manager and he is considering it again since Hiland has just opened a new mill in Harrison, AR. I have told him I think there is enough demand to justify him carrying this - PLEASE help me convince him! I've been getting Non-GMO through Azure Standard, but it is just not economically viable. I suspect many others are in similar situation - PLEASE let Danny Naegle at Farmers' know!! Let your chicken keeping friends know!! Thanks so much!

--Penny Farrell Simmons

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1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry that I misspelled Danny's last name - it is Danny Naegle.

    Thanks for getting the word out! I'm very excited with the prospect of being able to buy Non-GMO feed locally - especially now that it is actually milled in Arkansas, too!



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