Jan 27, 2014

Hiding More Nutrition in Food

There were several noteworthy comments related to the previous post, "Hiding Nutrition in Chili."  The first two were emailed to me; the third was a comment on the blog.  - Julie

Julie, I love your posts and your ingenious ideas!  Just one thing bothers me about this one: referring to liver as "offal".  I group it under "delicacies" along with the other "organ meats" (heart, tongue) we offer.  To my mind, "offal" is that stuff in the barrels at the back of the processing plant, not a delicacy like liver!  I'm with you on the taste - I much prefer ribeye or hamburger - but liver's not bad after a long soak (or two) in salt water or milk, thorough rinsing under cold water, really thorough trimming and cutting into bite-sizes, and sauteing -not too hard - with LOTS of onions and LOTS of garlic.  (Dave's invention, called "Notcho Momma's Liver".)  You and Lisa Lipe say it right out: hide it!

Big hug.  Thanks for all you do :-D
Lisa Cone
Waterfall Hollow Farm
Berryville, Arkansas

I dried some water kefir grains and then pulverize them in a coffee grinder. I use the "powdered grains" in salad dressings. My daughter won't drink Water Kefir or Kombucha, so this is a way to get some of those good probiotics into food. She doesn't have a clue!

Catherine Janosky

I've hidden offal and bone meal before. Our little one is allergic to dairy so getting enough calcium in him is a challenge. Thanks for the reminder--I sometimes forget to "hide."

(comment on the original post)

Tell me more!  I'm ready to hide more nutrition.  :)

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