Apr 21, 2010

Where I Buy Food

Capitalism is one of the many things I love about America. Competition drives pricing and often gives the consumer so many choices. Sometimes too many choices.

Below is a short list of the things I frequently purchase, at the best price, or for convenience:

Kroger - almost everything

org.carrots, org.celery and org.peanut butter

all natural sour cream - Daisy brand

Whole Foods

10% discount if you buy a case (12) of something. Sometimes with coupons, this can make a good deal.

Reverse Osmosis water for kombucha (machine is near cash registers)

San J Tamari soy sauce

coconut milk

Brown Cow Yogurt, Cream Top - Maple is our favorite flavor

bulk spices, beans, grains

organic tortilla chips

nitrate-free pork: bacon, sausage, hot dogs

Organic Valley butter

org. frozen veggies

Asian Market (in same strip mall as TJ Maxx - Rodney Parham & Reservoir)

tahini, for huge batches of hummus

feta cheese

Drug Emporium (Rodney Parham & Reservoir)

Sprouted bread and tortillas, Food for Life brand

raw cheese

feta cheese

organic green tea

Brown Cow yogurt

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

rice pasta

coconut water for rehydration

Azure Standard - bulk ordering

produce - organic apples, pears

frozen spinach

bulk grains - quinoa, beans, oats, lentils, popcorn

glass jars, plastic lids

org. raisins, org. bulk nuts

Country Life - bulk ordering

I used to order from CL, but since finding Azure, I think for simplicity, I will only order from Azure.


maple syrup




Meats, Eggs, Produce - Locally Grown

Arkansas Sustainability Network

Argenta Market in North Little Rock

River Market in Little Rock

What would you add to the list?

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this info. Very helpful!

  2. Hey Julie,
    Have you tried using organic plain whole-milk yogurt in place of sour cream? We can't even tell the difference, and we love that it's cultured, with no fillers (like the nonfat milk) to thicken it. :)

  3. Kiara - yes, I have. However, I usually forget about it because I'm in such a habit of using sour cream! :)



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