Apr 30, 2010

Witch Hazel and Mosquito Bites

This tip came from Erin:
Have the mosquitoes arrived at your house?

You may already know this little tip, but it has been extremely helpful to us. We've been putting witch hazel on our mosquito bites within 30 minutes of getting the bite (the sooner, the better). It literally causes the bite to disappear, though not instantly. I got 3 big bites on my ankles last night. After applying the witch hazel, I completely forgot about them. When I remembered to check them several hours later, I couldn't even find where the bites had been!

Our bottle isn't anything special. I think it cost around $3 for 16 fl. oz. It looks like a bottle of rubbing alcohol and says, "distilled extract of witch hazel." I bought mine at Whole Foods, but I know I've seen it at Kroger in the first aid section. It's also supposed to be good to put on minor cuts and scrapes, although we haven't tried it for those purposes yet.

I hope this will help you and your kids have a more pleasant outdoor experience this spring and summer!
I spray witch hazel on my face as an astringent (well, my whole body after showering - and it feels good!) I get mine at Drug Emporium for $1.75.

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  1. My grandmother always kept a bottle of Witch Hazel in her fridge. She called it "The Cold." Whenever we'd get a bump or scrape she'd tell us to go get "The Cold." I'm 50 years old now, but I still think it's one of the most soothing remedies around.

  2. If you prefer to avoid alcohol on your skin (which is an ingredient in the witch hazel extract), try apple cider vinegar. It works very similarly. ---Erin



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