Jun 11, 2010

Produce Stand in WLR

Ross Burnett is selling FRESH PRODUCE and has moved his “stand” to the corner of Rahling Road & Chenal Parkway in the vacant lot beside the shopping center on Rahling.  

Ross picks fruits and vegetables from the Faulkner Lake Orchard, a conventional farm that uses chemicals, which is out past the airport.  He’s worked for several years at the farm and picks almost daily – weather permitting – then brings the produce out to West Little Rock to sell.  
If you’re interested but can’t make it by until later, you can reserve and/or make future requests.  His cell is (501) 626-0330 and his email is RBurnett AT uark DOT edu 
Today Ross will be set up from 2:15 until he sells out or it rains, whichever comes first.
Today’s Specials:
Tomatoes - $3 per pound
Heirloom tomatoes - $4 per pound
Eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini - $2 per pound
Jalapenos – 5 for $1
Banana peppers – 3 for $1
Onions - $2.50 per pound

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