Jun 7, 2010

Small Beginnings: Where Do I Start?

Every Monday we have a guest blogger for Small Beginnings: Where Do I Start?  It is a series intended to give courage for those wanting to launch into a real food journey.  This week our author is Robin Maguire.  Other authors include: Lisa Lipe, Rita O'Kelley,  Laura Fiser, and HB.
Have you ever received a message through various venues, all in a short amount of time? I have, and when it happens I try to stop and pay attention as I figure God is trying to tell me something.  
The Maker's DietMy food journey began with the book, The Maker’s Diet. Someone had told me about it, then I saw someone reading it on the airplane and finally that late-night TV infomercial. After reading, I was hooked. 
For years I had heard organics were better for you but I strongly resisted, concluding that "I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money on food - it’s another scam." Some would look at me now and laugh.  
As I started into this big change, I went whole hog (and I don’t mean the Arkansas BBQ type).  At the time I was a flight attendant and packing my food for 2 days, which I had already been doing for many years. A few changes should be all I needed. That was until I was reassigned from being gone from home 2 days until 4 days. Yikes, I only had enough food for 2 days. That was a stressful week, but what I learned was never begin something at the most extreme end. I returned home and regrouped. 
Here’s where I began and put my focus… 
    *Raw Dairy - previously I had been sold into the psuedo-dairy products and hadn’t really enjoyed them being a major milk lover. I was happy to be home J
   *A few fermented food items - I began with ginger ale, ketchup and kombucha. All of which are easy recipes in Nourishing Traditions and I figured if I ate something toxic, the kombucha would help deliver it out of my body. Found all my info on kombucha at this website: www.kombuchaamerica.com
   *Grass Fed Beef - Beef had been my choice over any other meat and now I could make that choice in confidence that it was good for me.
   *Wild Caught Fish - No longer would I buy anything farm-raised. And yes, I got many a looks when asking “Is this wild-caught or farm-raised?”
   *No Pork - the scientific info I read on the digestion of pork was more than enough for this little Italian girl to just say ‘no’.
   *Cook with organic unrefined coconut oil and save my olive oil for the salad. If you’ve never eaten roasted potatoes in coconut oil, you must try it is the best!

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  1. Very encouraging. We are still looking for a source for raw dairy in our area (Hot Springs, AR). Got the coconut oil, and grass fed beef. I'm interested to try kombucha, since we love tea. And I would love to cut down our pork consumption, but that'll take some time to get hubby away from it.

  2. My husband loves pork as well. We eat it now and again for a treat. As long as you're eating it, make sure the pork was fed and cared for well. Perhaps there's a farmer in your area who's careful what he feeds his pigs. Skip on processed meats. No nitrates.



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