Sep 6, 2010

Cheesemaking Workshop

Got milk? As part their on-going summer food preservation series, the Root Cafe is offering a cheesemaking workshop this Tues. You might want to get in on this!

Where: Christ Episcopal Church on 6th and Scott Street

When: Tuesday September 7th 6:30-8:30pm.
Cost: $10 (at the door, cash or check only)

What: Back by popular demand, this week we'll be cutting into one of the most popular milk preservation techniques - CHEESE! We have already had several requests for our basic cheese-making class (a soft farmers cheese), so depending on the number of participants we have, we may not be making mozzerella cheese during this canning kitchen. We will, however, learn about one of its close friends - BASIL. Make sure to bring your tastebuds to this delicious class!

The ROOT will provide... hands-on instruction, all of the equipment, food to preserve, informational resources, a take-home sample and refreshments.

You will need to provide... an apron, pen & paper for note-taking (if desired), a towel & a basket for transporting hot food or other goodies.

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  1. Do you mean Tuesday the 7th?

  2. Oops. Yes, I meant the 7th. I've corrected it now. Thank you for catching my mistake.



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