Sep 4, 2010

Meet Your Farmer

My husband, Mike, and I were invited to visit Kellogg Valley Farms yesterday afternoon. Eddie Stuckey is the farm owner, an up and coming farmer who uses natural growing techniques. I have had the priviledge of purchasing Eddie's wonderful, fresh, chemical-free produce throughout this growing season.

Here's my farmer, Eddie with my man, Mike. You can see a portion of Eddie's crops behind them. Eddie started Kellogg Valley Farms just last year with 3 acres of family property and has come a long way in a short time. He showed us the natural fertilizers and natural pest control methods he is using. He spends a great deal of time on the internet researching ways to fight bugs and vegetable diseases without chemicals. It's not an easy job.
Eddie's happy hens live with a couple of roosters in the small barn. They forage around the barn and in the wooded area behind.

Eddie showed us the areas of land he is preparing for crop expansion next year and where he would like to put a new greenhouse. He has excitement and vision. I love visiting with people who are pursuing their dreams.

Hope you get to try some of Eddie's produce. He sells at a number of farmer's markets including the Argenta Certified Arkansas Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, ASN food club, and the market at Pulaski Academy on Monday afternoons.

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