Dec 6, 2010

How I Chop an Onion

Some people swear by the Pampered Chef chopper.  I don't care for them.  They take up precious space in my always full dishwasher.  Plus, I think I can chop an onion faster with my knife than I could if I owned a chopper.  Definitely, I can use my knife to control the size of the onion pieces.

First decide which end is up.
Whack off the top (not the root hairs).
With cut side (top of onion) on your board, cut the onion in half.
Peel off the papery outer layer.
Make slices through the onion, depending on how large you want the pieces.  Be sure not to cut all the way through the root - this is what holds it together. 
In the picture below, the root ball is hidden under my thumb.  The onion is still in tact.  I've just spread it apart to demonstrate the size of slices.
 Lastly, chop perpendicular to the slices you just made.
Voila!  Chopped onion.

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  1. As someone who always struggles with chopping an onion (and is frustrated even more after watching cooking shows where they make it look so easy), I am eager to try your method! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I really wish I would have seen this before chopping 3 onions tonight! LOL Thanks for the help. This is much better than what I've been doing!

  3. So good to know although most of the time I put mine in the food processor. I love it. I don't even always wash the food processor, sometimes I just rinse it out.

  4. Been chopping onions for at least 30 years and always had problems with pieces slipping out of my hands. Use the food processor now and then but don't like how small and liquidy it makes them. Thanks for the trick. Looking forward to trying this.



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