Dec 8, 2010

Roasted Black Mission Figs

by Jan Robertson

This is how I made a four-ingredient, delicious dessert by roasting Black Mission Figs:

-The ingredients are Evaporated Palm Sugar, Coconut Ghee, Black Mission Figs and salt.

-Cut the figs in half and place on a greased cookie sheet.

-Make a crumbly mixture of the palm sugar and coconut ghee. I found that a ratio of approximately two parts palm sugar to one part coconut ghee worked well but you can adjust to your liking. Make little balls of this mixture and press onto the surface of each fig. Sprinkle with a little salt to balance the sweetness.

-Roast in a 350 degree oven for approximately 10 minutes. Roasting time will vary according to the ripeness of the figs. You want them to cook until they soften. Then turn your oven to broil. Stay close and watch for the tops of the figs to begin to caramelize and for the syrup to run off and harden- about five minutes.

-Place figs in a bowl and drizzle with pan syrup. Don't forget to add a piece of the candy that formed on the cookie sheet during broiling.

We ate these right out of the oven. I added a little Piima Cream to mine but I think they would also be delicious served over vanilla ice cream.

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