Dec 22, 2010

Food Safety Bill Passed by Both Senate and House

I'm sorry to report that the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act has now passed both the Senate and the House and will become law after the President's signature. You can read the details here on how this bill was passed in spite of all the controversy surrounding it.

Thank you to everyone who sent e-mails and made phone calls letting our representatives know how we feel about protecting our local food supply. There are varying opinions on the danger this measure poses to our small local farmers. One of the best things we can do now is to keep the demand for fresh quality local food high.


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1 comment:

  1. I heard the news last night and was simply disgusted. More power for the FDA will not help those they claim need protection, but it will certainly hurt many. I was able to place phone calls and send emails, and I don't regret becoming involved. Thanks for keeping us updated.



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