Dec 10, 2010

Baby's First Foods

I had a fussy baby while I tried to make dinner this week. I sat her on the counter and gave her a slice of dried canteloupe, from The Russian Farmer.

I bought it last Saturday at Argenta. (Yep, there are a few renegade farmers that sell there on Saturdays. I also bought lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, and persimmons.)

She eats it like beef jerky. Well, slobbers on it is a better description. It was too sweet for me.

But my 7 month old loved it. When she was finished (I took it away before she was finished, not wanting her to choke on it) it felt like a wet fish. *grin*

And today she ate puréed acorn squash (from Kellogg Valley Farms) with coconut cream and a dash of Real Salt.


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1 comment:

  1. Brooklyn had coconut cream a couple times this week. It was her first try at baby food. She liked it! Thanks for the idea. :)



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