Jan 22, 2012

Erin's Real Food Resolutions

This post is written by Erin, who has written articles before like Real Food Budget Tips, about her food journey in Small Beginnings: Where Do I Start? and the dangers of fluoride in Water, Water Everywhere and Nor Any Drop to Drink.  As a side note - Erin's husband, Paul, wrote a song called I Eat Real Food.
I have to keep things very simple when it comes to resolutions or I'll get discouraged and give up before I even get started.

My theme for resolutions this year is keep it simple and frugal.  So here are my simple kitchen resolutions for 2011:

1. Learn how to make (and start making!) my own yogurt.  I might try to make it in the crock pot.
2. Grow some of my own food, especially herbs
3. Stop using paper napkins and paper towels


Here's my update for 2012:

1.  I pretty much bombed with yogurt-making because I am constantly using my one crock pot for cooking chickens and stock.  However, I am picking up a new crockpot this week!
2.  I bought herbs but didn't get them planted soon enough--so they fried. :(  I will be attempting this one again.
3.  Success!  We have completely eliminated paper napkins.  I still keep a roll of paper towels around for emergencies, but I hardly ever use them.  I found this product to be a nice substitute.

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  1. Reducing our paper towel usage is something I need to work on. Can you share where you bought those sponge cloths?

    1. Certainly. We ordered ours through Azure Standard. It is possible that Whole Foods or Fresh Market may have them since they carry other "If You Care" products. Thanks for asking!



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