Jan 16, 2012

Maximized Living Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

In the 1980's I watched too much television.  Most of it I don't remember but one Oprah show stands out. The guest had lost a lot of weight.  A lot.  As in over three hundred pounds if I remember correctly.  When asked the key to success, the weight loss expert {I will call her an expert since she lost 300 lbs!} said using her long skinny fingers with red fingernail polish to articulate, "There are three.  You gotta eat.  You gotta breathe.  You gotta move."

In the twenty-five years since seeing that skinny woman on Oprah, I have heard many ways to eat, breathe and move in order to lose weight.   Not all of those ways are healthy or sustainable over time.  

One of the many things I like about eating a traditional diet, like the ones that Dr. Weston A. Price observed, is the fact that the food tastes great.  I really enjoy eating.  Breathing comes naturally.  Moving?  Well, my toddler wants me to hold her most of the day.  That 25 pounds counts as weight training, doesn't it?  :)

Being the first of the year, many people are resolved to lose weight.  Below is an opportunity to learn healthy, practical, sustainable ways to loose weight and keep it off.  I will be there THIS Thursday, representing the Weston A. Price Foundation at a table.  There will be other vendors there as well.  I would love to see you there, too.  Tell your friends - especially those who are in the beginning stages of wanting to live healthier.


Dr. Traci Bishop, Doctor of Chiropractic, and her staff at Natural State Health Center invite you to the Maximized Living Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

THIS Thursday, January 19, from 6-8pm will be a free night of learning.  The event will be held at FamilyLife just off Highway 10 at 5800 Ranch Drive.  

Dr. Bishop will share how eating real food and taking care of your health can lead you to not only a much better looking body but also overall mental, physical, and better emotional health for 2012. 

Specific topics Dr. Bishop will cover:

- Why your body needs fat (yes…needs) them in order to function properly.  Throw that skim milk and soy milk out the window. Your body needs healthy fats plus they keep you feeling fuller longer.

- Working out in just 12 minutes a day can actually transform your body composition, get you in shape, and keep you healthy.  Spending an hour at the gym is NOT necessary.  Dr. Bishop will talk about the WHY and HOW this can happen.

- Lose weight eating real food. You don’t have to starve yourself, you don’t have to eat a bunch of pre-made processed foods from some program, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just a couple salads. 

Knowledge is power and by simply learning ways to improve your lifestyle then you can make better choices.

So join us Thursday night from 6-8pm at FamilyLife to learn some things about health you have never known or have maybe been taught wrongly about. Learn how to take care of the body you have been given. It’s a new year and it can be a better you! 

For questions and/or to sign-up you and your friends, call the Natural State Health Center at 501.224.1224 or email Jordan.NaturalStateHealth AT gmail DOT com 

Dr. Bishop (left, front row) and her staff.

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  1. This really, REALLY excites me! I was just listening to the "obesity myths" lecture from the WAPF conference and was thinking how helpful it would be if more people could hear these principles. Kudos to Dr. Bishop and to Family Life for hosting!!!



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