Jan 2, 2012

How to Roll and Package a Burrito

For our batch cooking days, HB is really the master mind behind it all.  I'm just the grunt.  Whatever she tells me, I do.  She plans the menu (with feedback from me) then makes the grocery list and best of all tells me what to do on cooking days (which is welcomed!).  She is quite the cruise director.  Without her my life would be directionless and I most definitely wouldn't attempt to cook as much as we did.

Below she is filling a burrito while chatting away with friends sitting at the bar.  She is an extrovert's extrovert.  How she multi-tasks like she does, I don't know.  I'm doing good just to get pictures taken.  (Please notice pictures of the cute little Santa Baby - that was seven years ago!!)

She set out all the ingredients and put a few on the tortilla at a time.  I suggested dumping it all in a bowl and scooping portions from the bowl.   Never question the Cruise Director.  Her ways are good best.

Ingredients: meat (carnitas, chicken, or beef), fresh tomatoes, corn, shredded cheese, grilled onions, grilled peppers, and black beans.  We didn't use rice because the Cruise Director says that rice in burritos turns to water after being frozen.  And yes, we used Mission Tortillas as part of our unhealthy 20%.
And this is how you fold:
note: below the first rolling end is narrower. 

She rolled them individually in foil.  To reheat - slather with butter (this makes the outer shell crispy!) and reheat at 350* until warmed through, about 15-25 minutes.
I served ours with sour cream and lacto-fermented radish relish.  Avocado would have been yum but they all looked gross at the Kro-ga.


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