Nov 11, 2011

Wise Traditions Conference

Yesterday I left home for Dallas, only to remember 1.5 hours later that I forgot my wallet! I had to turn around. Thankfully my husband met me half way.

Once in Dallas, I helped fill 1,200 conference bags. Four hours of hard labor, people.

This morning I worked the registration table. Easy peasy job.

I met Sarah the Healthy Home Economist. Very exciting.

Then Sally Fallon-Morell who is president of the Weston A Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Traditions. With her is Pete Kennedy, leading attorney with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

And I almost didn't recognize Michael Schmidt without his hat. He recently finished a prolonged hunger strike on behalf of fresh, raw milk.

No real food conference would be the same without Kelly the Kitchen Kop!

Or Ann Marie - aka Cheeseslave.
And Jenny from Nourished Kitchen.
Finally, a part of the grocery list for this conference, which includes 800 pounds of butter, 52 gallons of maple syrup and 95 gallons of lacto-fermented vegetables.


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  1. Your pictures cracked me up! I hope you're planning on posting more about the conference, I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Oh Sheesh...your shameless giddiness at meeting these people is too funny! Love it! The wallet thing? Major bummer. Have fun!
    Melissa Hutsell

  3. Love your "starstruck" pictures :) I would be doing the same thing.

  4. HI,
    I wish I would have meet you too! Maybe next year!

  5. The pic of you with Sarah could truly be JI - love the enthusiasm!

  6. I am so glad you were able to go!

  7. It was so nice meeting you! LOVE the pics!



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