Dec 16, 2013

I am a Mother Who Serves Raw Milk

In April, we rejoiced when Arkansas joined the ranks of about thirty other states that legally sell raw milk.  

My last two pregnancies I drank copious amounts of raw dairy.  All three of my children drink it.  We are a very healthy family and are rarely sick (never from drinking milk.)  When my youngest was two weeks old, he had his first bottle of raw milk formula, after I realized my milk supply had nearly dried up.  (Thankfully I was able to work with a lactation consultant and re-establish it.)

Did you see the news tonight? David Goins from KARK visited my home to ask about drinking fresh unadulterated milk.  Heaven forbid, I give it to all three of my children!

There are two sides to every coin.  The AAP says stay away from fresh milk, the Wall Street Journal gave it thumbs up.  If you want to educate yourself further about real, fresh milk, there are videos here and this is a great website.  Both advocate drinking it raw.  Do your own homework.  Don't let the media brainwash educate you.

As for me and my house, we consider raw dairy some of the most nutritious food our money can buy.

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