Jul 12, 2010

Save $$ on Meat

I've got a secret.

But when it comes to keeping a secret that revolves around good food AND saving money, I just have to share.

Andrea, of Falling Sky Farm, told me the secret on Saturday at the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market. You see, it pays to talk to farmers at the market. I just wonder how many of y'all walked right past her when she was dying to share her secret.

First, let me ask - What are some stumbling blocks to you buying pastured meat?

Is it because:
- it costs too much?
- don't know where to purchase?
- don't have a freezer?
- don't want to go to the farmers market to pick it up?

I'm about to dissolve all the stumbling blocks with this secret.

Falling Sky Farm is offering an incredible deal on meat with their meat share program.

What You Get
- 1/4 cow
- 1/4 hog
- 24 chickens
- 1 Thanksgiving turkey
- energy efficient freezer for a year!
- delivery to your door
- 10% off additional purchases throughout the year

The Math
- total of 265 pounds of meat
- which is over 20 lbs/month
- or, $2 per 6 oz serving
- feed a family of four, 2-3 times a week
- total cost: $980

This is a good deal, people. If you're looking for an easy baby step towards healthy living - this is it.

It is a savings of over $250. Not to mention the health benefits of eating local, pastured meats: omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid. When Falling Sky Farm needs to grain feed, they use organic grains.

What You Won't Get
- antibiotics in your meat
- GMO fed meat
- growth hormones

Here's where it's going to sound like a bad television info-mercial:

There are only 4 shares left!

Hurry! This offer won't last long!

Disclaimer: This blog nor the authors receive any compensation for this advertisement. We're just super excited about real, local food. We want you to be excited, too. Now, go buy a share! :)

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