Jul 24, 2010

Meet Your Farmers

Here are pictures from today's Certified Arkansas Farmers Market.
Farm Girl Natural Foods has the "best dressed" stand.

This is David Owens of 3-Buddy's Berry and Mushroom Farms.  His shiitake mushrooms are the bomb. By about 10am he had sold out.  He said, "And I did it without the help of a computer!"

Meet "The Russian Farmer."  He is, indeed, Russian.  And has a dry sense of humor.

Some of the signage on his tables made me chuckle.

This is Eddie Stuckey of Kellogg Valley Farms.  His farm is chemical-free and certified naturally grown (which is the closest thing to "organic" without paying fees and keeping records for the USDA).  Eddie is very knowledgeable and has solved gardening problems for me.  See pictures of his farm here.

Today was the pick-up for the Basket-A-Month program.

I saw lots of babies and children today, but this one was especially cute.  (She's mine.)

The wanna be farmers - L to R:
Julie Majors, Laura Fiser, Lisa Lipe.

We came to the market to promote the Little Rock chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. It was HOT and I now have a new found appreciation for the farmers who sell each week...not to mention the hard work they do before coming to market. 

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  1. Great photos from your market. Thanks for sharing these.



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