Jul 31, 2010

Arkansas Sustainability Network Food Club

You want fresh local food, but you'd rather be in bed at 7am on Saturday morning than at a farmers' market? The Arkansas Sustainability Network Food Club has the answer for you. At the beginning of each week, members order local produce, meat, plants, baked goods, farm crafts, and more at the ASN website. They pick up their orders on Saturday between 10am and 12pm. To participate, just go to the ASN Food Club webpage and sign up for an account. Participation is only $5 per month. After you sign up, you will receive a notification e-mail when on-line ordering opens on Sunday evening. You have until Tues. evening to place your order.

On Saturday morning you can visit the nearby Certified Arkansas Farmers Market before ASN food club opens...or you can sleep in until it's time to pick up your food. The food club pick-up is at Christ Episcopal Church located at 6th and Scott Street in downtown Little Rock.
After arriving at the church, go through the front doors and pick up a print out of the order you placed.
Then take your print out to the helpful volunteers who will collect your items for you. Make sure and take a bag for all your goodies.

Carrie Scott (below) is the Food Club Coordinator.
Items requiring refrigeration will be in the kitchen. You might want to bring a cooler, if you have cold items.

Take your items back to the front for check-out. You can pay with cash or with a check.
That's it! It's really simple. ASN food club is open year round, so you can get great meat, eggs, honey, and other good food even when it's not "produce season."

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