Jul 18, 2010

Be Brave: Try Something New

HB and I went on a "girl date." Translation: no husbands or kids. Well, kids that could talk - my two-month-old sweetie stayed in the infant carrier.  When HB and I go out, it's usually after the kids are in bed, or at least on the way to bed.  This time we met at 7pm and decided on dessert at Brave New Restaurant.

It was my first time to go there and I'm ready to go back for dinner.  HB was familiar with the place. Back in the day, she used to babysit the chef/owner's kids.  HB tells me that Brave New was serving fresh and local before fresh and local was hip.

The night wasn't too hot; we asked to sit on the patio...
...and stare at downtown and the Arkansas River.  Once seated we were served warm sourdough bread from Boulevard Bread Company.  Yum.

The name of my dessert fails me, but it was delicious!  It was some sort of baked peach (from Arkansas, of course) on a puff pastry with whipped cream and homemade vanilla ice cream all served over a cream anglaise.
HB ordered her favorite: chocolate creme brulee.  Both were wonderful.
My mom will sometimes order dessert first at a restaurant.  Her theory is, "If I'm still hungry after dessert, I'll order a salad."  Trying a new restaurant isn't all that risky if you try dessert first.  Be brave.  Try something new.

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  1. My husband and I wanted to go there once but couldn't find it for the life of us. We live in NW AR now so not sure when we can go but would love some directions :)

  2. first time to see your blog but I think we might need some genetic testing coz we all love the same things. . .travel, eat,unwind with the whole family! I've never been to arkansas but I am starting to plan and save more for that grande vacation

  3. Heather -
    about directions...the best advice would be to print a map and write down their phone number. I agree it is difficult to find, and wouldn't have found it without HB telling me where to go. The restaurant is in an office building on the second floor.



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