Jul 16, 2010

Meet Your Farmers

Meet Josh Hardin. And Anna Pennington. They like each other. A lot.  Aren't they cute?
Josh likes Anna so much he asked her to be his bride {Awwww!} and she said, "YES!"

But holy matrimony isn't the point of this post.  

Josh is a hard workin' man.  He's the founder of Laughing Stock Farms and a fifth-generation farmer.  While not certified organic, Josh doesn't use any chemicals on his plants. You may have seen him on Saturdays at the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market in North Little Rock. Or maybe on Monday afternoons in west Little Rock.  He also provides fresh, local food to restaurants and Pulaski Academy.  

This man is busy!

If his own farm wasn't enough to keep him moving 24-hours a day, he helps his brother, Jody, with Hardin Farms. 

Josh's produce is yummy!  From his farm, I've tasted yummy cantaloupes, watermelon, corn, eggplant, and two varieties of cucumbers.
If you find yourself at the NLR market on Saturday, stop by and say hi to the lovebirds.  Tell them you appreciate their hard work for good, local food.

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