Jul 30, 2010

The “Short Skinny” on Sweets

The folloinwg is a guest post from former WAPF LR chapter leader, Rita O'Kelley. I know you'll find it helpful.

Sweet! a modern term that means “good!” “cool!” …an exclamatory expression of approval.

It also satisfies one of the four basic human tastes: salt, sour, bitter, and sweet. We
want to limit our intake of sweets. Choose fresh fruits at their peak of ripeness
and natural sweeteners high in nutrients rather than refined sugar products.

A quick guide, not all-inclusive:

Raw Honey:
Honey that has not been heated over 117 degrees and retains enzymes that digest
carbohydrates as well as nutrients from plant pollens. Use only in desserts that
do not require heating.

Note: Do not give to infants as they lack sufficient stomach acid to deactivate
bacteria spores.

Choose honey from local beekeepers. Helps your State and provides local pollens that fight allergies.

Maple Syrup:
Rich in trace minerals from the tree’s deep roots. May be used in baked goods such
as pancakes and muffins.
Choose organic formaldehyde-free.
The Grain & Salt Society

Dehydrated cane sugar juice, rich in minerals. Gives best results for cookies and cakes.
Be careful not to overdo. You can find it packaged or in bulk bins. Beware of packaged product labeled “Sucanat Sugar” which is merely crystalline sugar.

Available in powder or liquid. Stevia is an herb. A little goes a long way as a pinch is the equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar. It does not work well in baked goods, but I have used it in tea, salad dressings, smoothies, and whipped cream.

Unsulphured blackstrap molasses, high in nutrients and can be added to smoothies
making it more palatable. If extracted from sugar cane from fertile soil it will contain
many minerals. Has a strong taste and moderate sweetness.

Naturally Sweetened Jams:
Look for jams sweetened with dehydrated can juice rather than fructose or high fructose corn syrup.

Sweeteners to avoid:
-Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup
-Contentrated Fruit Juice
-“Raw”, “natural” and Turbinado sugars and Florida crystals – these are all refined
sugars with nutrients removed.

Although “Life is Short, eat dessert first!” is a fun saying… a better thing to remember
is “eat sweets WITH fats (butter, cream and eggs) as fats slow absorption of sugar
in the bloodstream.”

-Don’t keep sweets in the house
-Never shop when hungry
-Enlist power of prayer in battle against sweet tooth
-Never send a child to a party or sleepover on an empty stomach
-You cannot keep sugar away from your children entirely. They will rebel.


Thanks for the good advice, Rita. I know sweets are a difficult area for a lot of us. I used to be addicted. I have found that increasing nutrient-dense foods, in particular, increasing fats like butter and coconut oil goes a long way toward curbing the desire for sweets. Sweet craving often result from blood sugar drop. Natural saturated fats help stabilize blood sugar. Starting your day with a breakfast containing fat and some protein will significantly help with the sugar/carb carvings.

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