Jul 27, 2010

Watch for the Signatures

I am feeling like an extremely fortunate WAPF chapter leader this evening. I volunteered for this position a few months ago with the hope of helping people in the Little Rock area learn more about purchasing and preparing real food. I wanted to be able to teach others what I have learned about nutrition and food preparation over the past 5 years. What I quickly discovered was that my knowledge of the traditional food preparation methods of past generations didn't prepare me for the information sharing technology of this generation. Which means that if it were all up to me, you definitely would not be reading a blog post written by me right now.

Fortunately for you (IMHO) Julie Majors stepped in to fill this vital gap. You have Julie to thank for this blog and for a great deal of the posts on it. It is a little unusual (and a little confusing) for a blog to be written by more than one person, but I think we are on to something with this. Not only have Julie and I each written posts for "Real Food in Little Rock", we have also had a number of guest authors who have added to the real food conversation. I believe it is proving quite beneficial for all of us to have the opportunity to hear from various "real people" on a "real food journey" in Little Rock.

But I know some of you are having a little difficulty keeping up with who is writing which posts, and as much as I might like to keep getting the credit for some of Julie's wonderful posts, I just can't take the guilt anymore. Fortunately, Lori Davidson has come to my rescue. She has designed a signature that will appear at the bottom of each post. If you look for the signature, you will know who wrote the post. You may also notice that we now have links on Real Food in Little Rock for facebook and twitter. Don't ask me about facebook or twittering, because I haven't a clue. Here's the real shocker, not even Julie knows how to do that stuff! But, thanks to Lori, you now have even more cyberspace access to real food information. Welcome aboard Lori!

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