Jul 17, 2010

Meet Your Farmers

Here are a few more farmer faces from this morning's Certified Arkansas Farmers Market.

Andrea, from Falling Sky Farm, says there are only two meat shares left.
Yummy honey.  Thanks, Larry!  He also has been known to sell at the west Little Rock market.

Juicy peaches from Nashville, Arkansas.  I bought some from their "scratch and dent sale."

The best is for last. These cats have an interesting story.  Their wooden bread bowl (that contains the crook-necked squash) caught my attention.  I stopped to ask about the bowl's history and got so much more.

They're making a documentary.

From their website,
Five suburbanites grow a summer garden in rural Arkansas. None of them know the first thing about gardening. They discover the forgotten satisfaction of digging in the dirt and falling asleep plumb-tuckered-out. They eat within a 100-mile radius, sell at the local farmers market, and make some friends along the way.

***Correction from yesterday's Meet Your Farmer: Josh Hardin's older brother is Jody.***

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1 comment:

  1. I think this "meet your farmers" idea is brilliant, Julie! Thanks for putting names and faces together for us. Gives novices like me more confidence in buying local.



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